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I’ve gained over 15 years of experience in interior design between Manhattan and Southern California, from an A-rated Upper East Side firm to a premiere designer showroom in La Jolla. During this time I saw an industry-wide need for responsibly recycling the vast swaths of textile waste derived from discontinued fabric samples. Thus was born an eco-conscious, zero-waste, women’s handbag brand. We’ve been arming women with some serious ‘hand candy’ and combatting environmental damage caused by the ‘fast fashion’ industry since 2012. With the technology of today I am thrilled to connect my two passions and add virtual, web based Interior Design services to my business. We emphasize home as sanctuary, niche accessory design, and green living.

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Tina Frantz Galasan

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About Me: Hey there, I’m Tina! Fashion is in my blood, homes are in my heart. If you asked me to choose between these two loves, I would beg you not to. So I do both.

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State: California


Phone: 1-619-888-3994

Email: tkfrantz@gmail.com


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